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May 22, 2004

Transatlantic Systems Crisis Conferences 

Two were convened this week on the same days in Philadelphia with Ackoff leading a host of luminaries and in London at the Quaker Friends Hall hosted by Sir John Whitmore and the senior wisdom council member being a baroness.

In London the third day was held in Open Space and you can see the network of projects that are emerging

If you need personal introductions to project teams then I am happy to try - chris at

For those interested in existence, we propose a new definition at the system level - EXISTS only if enabling all people to do what its greatest promise claims

Let our profession of marketing weed out those brands that dont exist starting with the biggest -of course the beings who were previously chained by such non-existence systems are most welcome to relaunch its freedom and happiness of being true to what it promises systemically to value.

London in conjunction with is hosting many simpol cafes year round to discuss bethechange collaboration systems, and of course we wish to share the simpol cafe franchise anywhere people wish to play this humanitarian network game. It is also our Transatlantic hope as people that the BBC - potential leading exemplar of public sector & world service broadcasting - will open up to this greatest ever news pro-humanity story of EXISTENCE in systemic Collaboration. Please BBC unchain yourself from utterly deceitful assumption, bred by commercial media - that human change stories are only big enough if predicated by violence - compounds the most vicious consequences across our globe. Why should any Briton pay you a licence fee to do that?
2004, The 20th Annual Report of Networks Debating Mankind’s Greatest Communications Crisis (CM1) and (NM1) ... aSINworld: association Sustainability Investment Networks

2005 on updating at

By 2004 we feel our networkers’ experiences have shared with us these learnings which Brand Chartering (and associated genres of living and learning brand network architecture) will need to prioritise for do now activation :

The changing economics crisis of Unseen Wealth (first formally reported in DC in 2001 by Georgetown Law School and Brookings Economics Institute) is compounding to peak levels of risk over 2004-2008; the only openly branded system language embedded in economics and so capable of changing it remains entrepreneurial revolution – that Scots have been playing with since the 1840s: when James Wilson founded the economist, and as a time when Scots increasing shipped all over the world to avoid persecution by English accountants (the typical Scot being valued as less quarterly profitable than sheep according to a testimony of my 4? Times great grand father in Arran). We discount the likelihood that Bush will be re-elected because an American president of a nation at war always starts with 10 of non-floating vote (those closely tied up with the servicemen of war)

Regarding the media crisis:
Beyond-Branding constitute the first book in the genre of professional marketers agreeing with the essence of Naomi Klein’s global brand valuation: global brands are the most powerful identities in the world; power can be executed to goodwill or badwill ends where sitting blindly on the fence has the same systemic ending as badwill due to tense human relationships needing caring investment to keep them healthy. This is vital given the disgraceful treatment of Naomi Klein in The Economist (betraying its founders reason for its existence).

By guest editing a journal we discovered that Total Brand Corporate Responsibility cannot act as a separate language that can be salvaged from greenwashing. We hope that 15 year American revisionists of this subject cheerled by Majorie Kelly will find map their needs for new economic democracy as coupling with transparency and conflict resolution audit mapmaking, but in spite of their business ethics network’s passion, this may prove a journalistic bridge too far –as well as too trusting that Minnesota-style ethics exists in Delaware or DC or Maddison Avenue or the UN - without connecting with entrepreneurial system constructs:
Transparency – zero corruption, zero communications disconnects at boundaries, fulfilment of economics primary assumption that urgent news which it is vital for the whole public to hear truly will be disseminated at 100% awareness and no cost. Not an assumption that will ever again be valid in a crowded commercial media world. It can now be seen that the BBC as world service (largest public broadcaster) in the king on the chessboard of humanity economics winning out over the opposite economics of the big get bigger and the speculator wins by bubbling at the cost of every honest person, especially long-term investors like those who simply wish to sustain themselves as pensioners to be.

Taking the state of the media world into account in 2004, we must now shorten the window of opportunity that humanity has left to sustain a better world. We now believe that the furious spin of globalisation as an over-arching system will not be “for turning” after 2012 instead of prior estimates of 2015-2024 . Understanding compound arithmetic – the exponentials of sustainability and of economics having one and the same impact on the future progress of 6 billion beings becomes our number 1 priority as citizen clubs debating how to value world class brands and media worthy of the trust of the smallest voice – in 2004 the Dickensian poorhouse equivalent of Tom is to be found in Africa; like Tom an orphan (but now by HIV); unlike Tom without clean water on tap or the likelihood of any vocational apprenticeship however mean London’s capitals city can be.

The use of the web-log as a map for learning networks around the death-of-distance world is not being practised the way suggested by our experience combined with educators and psychologists in computer assisted learning research for the UK national Development project 1973-1976. News just in regarding the open space and mediation aspects of communications and society: May 2004 London saw the first and 73rd Be The Change 500 person networking event to be held in London modelled after Gandhi’s and Einstein’s recommendations for how leadership transformation can be worked peacefully. It will be held in the Friends House where Gandhi announced to the bemused superpowers of 1931 London that India was on a brand nation mission to become peacefully independent within 15 years. Those reconciliation agents who understand the ethical globalisation and collapsing world cross-cultural debates hosted in London September 2003 will see in London of the 1930s a lot that DC in the 2000s is replaying. Will economics be revolutionised as Keynes did? Will a peacemaking Churchill emerge DC in time for 2010 to be that global revolutionary decade where nations get out of the way of people networking goodwill across global villages?

Cumulative Background: in 1984, Norman and Chris Macrae completed the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy which Norman had started as 1976 and 1982 surveys in The Economist. ER1 looked back at the history of great social innovations: how they had almost always emerged from an entrepreneurial being on a mission to improve the life of everyone whose need connected with her or his passion for changemaking 1. Large organisations have not been the source of most change the world inventions though they have historically been needed if machines were required to mass produce. ER2 the service economy changes even the machine capital advantage of systemising around large organisations because it revolves round investment in people and supporting team franchise integrity. Intrapreneurs are studying the changes of governance and styles of leadership this calls for; however when we consider the worldwide web as the greatest media revolution ever to simultaneously confront generation around the world, Intrapreneurial revolutions are but one of many branches of the ER family to map. For example, in the decade 2005-2015 interlocal preneurs who open source social franchises – waving through the www what works for health, education, disaster prevention, ending all roots causes of extreme poverty will be the world’s greatest value multiplying people. There will also be special contexts such as those who open source photosynthesis –in 2004 as in 1984 the only clean energy known to be capable of sustaining humanity’s most productive motivations and nature’s evolutionary partnerships. Photosynthesis debating stages: 1 2 3  
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