Beyond Branding


John's Chapter: What's Brand got to do with it?

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"Beyond Branding" is written by members of The Medinge Group

John Caswell

John is the Chairman and Founder of Group Partners, an independent business built to deliver expert advice and solutions in an innovative, unique, highly visual and interactive way. John has designed the Progressive Framework Methodology an approach that allows solutions to be co-created by the client and its advisors through the application of its Business Equation, a system of understanding the 11 laws of Contextual Logic.

Previously, John ran his own agencies and consultancies, before his company was acquired by WPP in 1996 after the highly successful Euro96 Football Championships which his agency was responsible for. During these years his consultancies and agencies created major marketing programs for IBM, Ford, Benetton, Philips, Microsoft, Xerox, SAP, Oracle, Time Warner, Sony, and many other Global 2000 businesses. Prior to this John was responsible for the launch and marketing of the BBC Microcomputer during four very formative years with Acorn Computers in Cambridge.

John also sits on many boards as a non-executive, is on the Advisory Board of Cazenove the leading private equity firm, many steering groups in various market areas and across the world. Visit the Group Partners web site.