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"Beyond Branding" is written by members of The Medinge Group


October 2003 saw

Official publication of the book

Presentations by Beyond Branding authors in Brussels and the Ukraine

September 2003 saw

Beyond Branding authors presenting in Stockholm, Boca Raton, Jersey (Channel Islands) Venice - and on the MV Aurora.

The publication of "Global Brand Strategy" by Beyond Branding author Sicco van Gelder

August 2003 saw

Growing visits to this site

The opening of the Beyond Branding Blog

The meeting of several of the authors with other international marketers to form The Medinge Group.

July 2003 saw

Advance orders from countries including Denmark, New Zealand and the US...

Scott Knowles blogging us: "While I've only read the website, this book looks like it encompasses what I see as true branding. All companies brand, whether it's the image they wish to portray or the reality of the organization. The book includes a whole slew of authors coming from various branding backgrounds and talks about 'a long term, people-centric view that stresses substance over hype....' With sections on Authenticity, Transparency and Brand Ownership, this looks to be a good addition to the latest in ideas on the transformation of marketing."

Two of our authors working to develop changing how the (internal) brand of the world’s largest knowledge community flows

June 2003 saw...

blog entries about Beyond Branding here and here

three of our authors being quoted in a centrefold article of the UK Sunday Telegraph on Germany as a nation brand, with one going on to be interviewed by German tv. The root source for this debate was the new German Ambassador to the UK

the first anniversary of the most interactive content debate hosted on the European Union on Knowledgeboard. Its subject, trust, was stimulated and coordinated by one of our members

May 2003 saw

five of us support the collaborative effort of the branding industry to produce the first journal where corporate responsibility band marketing people questioned how to cooperate in the future