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"Beyond Branding" is written by members of The Medinge Group

The book

The fourteen authors present their ideas for how branding can move beyond its current limitations, so that it truly meets the needs of society.

On this website, we present summaries of the chapters as well as biographies of the authors.

We welcome any comments and feedback.

Nicholas Ind writes on A Brand of Enlightenment
Denzil Meyers writes on Whose Brand is it Anyway?
Johnnie Moore writes on Authenticity
Chris Macrae writes on Brand, Dynamic Valuation & Transparent Governance of Living Systems
Thomas Gad writes on Leadership Branding
John Caswell writes on What's Brand got to do with it ?
Tim Kitchin writes on Brand Sustainability: What is to be done?
Julie Anixter writes on Transparency or Not? Brand Inside:Brand Outside
Simon Anholt and Sicco van Gelder write on Branding for Good?
Ian Ryder writes on Anthropology and the Brand
Jack Yan writes on The Brand Manifesto
Alan Mitchell writes on Brand Narcissism
Malcolm Allan writes on Can You Go Beyond Brand?