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"Beyond Branding" is written by members of The Medinge Group

Essays & Papers

Interesting papers, essays and presentations by members of the Beyond Branding team.

Assuring Biodiversity - A brand-building approach
by Tim Kitchin. The full discussion-paper identifies key strategies that could be used to communicate the importance and urgency of conserving biodiversity.

Beyond Branding: moving beyond abstraction A paper presented by Nicholas Ind at the conference The Role of Humanities in the Formation of New European Elites, Venice, September 10-12, 2003

Elastic Brands How far can you stretch the idea of ‘brand’?
Simon Anholt argues that marketing can bring added value to any area of human - first published in Brand Strategy magazine.

Brand New Justice - the opening chapter of Simon Anholt's book proposing ways for the art of branding to be deployed to help rather than exploit developing economies.

Branding the developing world by Simon Anholt, first published in Impact, the magazine of the IFC, a division of the World Bank

The importance of national origin and the decline of ‘brand America by Simon Anholt, first published in Market Leader magazine.

Brand building or bland building? by John Moore.

Total Brand Corporate Responsibility Editorial that launched the first journal special issue to connect branding and corporate responsibility. Contributions from 6 of the BB team. Reproduced with kind permission of Journal of Brand Management. Jack Yan maintains the bookmarks evolving out of this contribution.

On being human: values delivery in the relationship age Tim Kitchin attempts to squeeze 5 years of learning about brands, stakeholders and relationships and markets into a single article.

Preface and first chapter of Sicco van Gelder's new book, Global Brand Strategy.(Book website)

10 Billion Dollar Auditing & Transparency Mapping by Chris Macrae

When nations need a little branding - article featuring Simon Anholt

Place Branding - article by Malcolm Allan fromthe February 2004 edition of “AGENDA”, a magazine for local economic development in the UK