Beyond Branding


Chris's chapter: Brand, Dynamic Valuation & Transparent Governance of Living Systems

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"Beyond Branding" is written by members of The Medinge Group

Chris Macrae

Chris is a mathematician and innovation adviser with offices in London and Washington, DC. He maps how companies can transparently value intangibles. Leadership advantage now depends critically on seeing human relationship flows of trust required for living systems to network economic and social win-wins. Chris’s books and research of brands in 30 countries over two decades benchmark how global branding has steadily deteriorated across a broad spectrum of human relationship needs.

Chris helped found CBO Association as the premier worldwide think-tank inquiring how the power of brand leadership could be reformed to multiply value across cultures and stakeholders. One outcome of this is the meta-disciplinary humanitarian movement of Beyond Branding. Chris has also been encouraged by the European Union knowledge angels community and many other human disciplines, including the futures circles of economics journalist Norman Macrae, to open source the missing governance system of transparency and dynamic valuation. The Map is being published by John Wiley & Sons. Details of rapid change learnings being made by industry and social syndicates are updated at