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December 30, 2004

could it be that one nation extorted trillions out of the poorest? 

...without the rest of the world knowing

I dont know anymore how to read between the lines- interpretors needed

Fact or Fiction:
A paragraph from the book: "...two primary objectives of my work. First, I was to justify huge international loans (from the World Bank and the IMF) that would funnel money back to MAIN (Chas. T. Main, Inc.) and other U.S. companies (such as Bechtel, Halliburton, Stone & Webster, and Brown and Root) through massive engineering and construction projects.

Second, I would work to bankrupt the countries that received these loans (after they had paid MAIN and the other U.S. contractors, of course) so that they would present easy targets when we needed favors, including military bases, UN votes, or access to oil and other natural resources."

Perkins discusses three steps to make sure this happens: 1-Economic Hit Men, like himself, would convince leaders of third world countries to take out these loans enriching themselves and MAIN and leaving the poor in these countries forever poor; (One country where they were successful was Saudi Arabia) 2- They send in the "Jackals" to instigate a coup or to assassinate an unresponsive leader (Allende in Chile, Mossadegh Iran in the '50s, Torrijos in Panama, Roldos in Ecuador, and unsuccessful, as of now, in Venezuela), and 3-Send in the Marines (Iraq, Vietnam, etc.).


"As a senior economist in several development agencies and a lead economist at the World Bank over the past decade, I find John Perkins's book provocative and disturbing. With honesty, remorse and compassion, Perkins describes the motivation of 'economic hit men' (EHM) and the corporations they serve as being far more prevalent than many of us would like to believe. Moreover, Perkins makes a good case that most of us help further the agenda of EHM and such corporations by unknowingly and unwittingly doing their bidding, failing to appreciate the sinister architecture behind the global empire. The book succeeds as a wake up call because the reader cannot help but assess his or her role on a personal level, thus providing an impetus for change."
--R. Paul Shaw, Formerly Lead Economist, Currently Program Adviser, Human Development Group, World Bank Institute
"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a brave and potent book written by a man whose commitment to the truth transcends any personal concerns about revealing his own previous blindness. Perkins reveals, bears witness, lifts the veil, and talks straight about what he personally has seen and knows intimately as the dark damage that has been done and continues to be done in the name of economic development and progress. This is a stunning and groundbreaking book that is a must-read for anyone who cares about our world."
--Lynne Twist, global activist and author of The Soul of Money
"John Perkins has broken the pact of L'Omerta-the infamous code of silence in the old-style Mafia that was enforced by assassination-to reveal the inner workings of corporate empire. Written like the best crime novel, the book is a page-turner that shows the real menace of organized crime being run out of ritzy boardrooms and seedy dictatorships, using 'economic hit men' who are the murderous technicians of corporate crime as a way of doing business. A brave and timely book not to be missed."
--Kenny Ausubel, Founder and President, Bioneers, author of Seeds of Change and When Healing Becomes a Crime, award-winning film-maker of Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime
"John Perkins has written a book that shakes one's confidence in the ethics of the prevailing economic system. We are in troubling times and need to understand realistically the price we are paying for the 'free' market we enjoy. Perkins has written an extraordinary tale."
--Jim Garrison, author of America As Empire, President of the State of the World Forum
" Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a fascinating insider's view of how private multinational companies legally rob the poor of the third world , country after country .His overview of Panama is particularly edifying. As Anarchasis said 2500 years ago 'Laws are like spider webs. They trap the poor and defenseless and the rich and powerful tear them apart.'"
--Josh Mailman, Cofounder, The Threshold Foundation, Social Venture Network, and Business for Social Responsibility; entrepreneur, businessman, activist/philanthropist
"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Is a unique book, brave because it is personal. With unflinching honesty, John Perkins narrates his moral awakening and struggle to break free from the corrupt system of global domination he himself helped to create. This book possesses an immediacy that separates it from the numerous studies we already have of American Empire. It comes from the heart. I highly recommend it."
--Michael Brownstein, author of World on Fire
"John Perkins has told a thrilling story. But what makes it even more relevant is that his tale is the true account of a deeply dedicated and courageous man who exposes information that is crucial for the survival of many people in the world. I couldn't put it down and now want all my friends to read it. Read this book!"
--Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., cofounder, CEO, Omega Institute and author of Timeshifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life
"John Perkins speaks for many of us-citizens in our country, citizens of the world-who are trapped in our own personal and national histories, who struggle with temptation, power and ultimately our own souls. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is his story, one that through necessity and courage offers us a way back, beyond salvation, to human justice."
--Gary Margolis Ph.D., Director, Center for Counseling and Human Relations, Associate Professor of English, Middlebury College and author of Fire in the Orchard and Falling Awake

Table of Contents

PART I: 1963-71
1: An Economic Hit Man Is Born
2: "In for Life"
3: Indonesia: Lessons for an EHM
4: Saving a Country from Communism
5:Selling My Soul

PART II: 1972-74
6: My Role as Inquisitor
7: Civilization on Trial
8: Jesus - Seen Differently
9: Opportunity of a Lifetime
10: Panama: the President and Hero
11: Pirates in the Canal Zone
12: Soldiers and Prostitutes
13: Conversations with the General
14: Meeting the Novelist Graham Greene

PART III: 1974 - 81
15: Entering a New and Sinister Period in Economic History
16: The Saudi Arabian Money-laundering Affair
17: Financing Osama Bin Laden
18 : Panama Canal Treaty Negotiations
19: Iran's King of Kings
20: Confessions of a Tortured Man
21: The Fall of a King
22: Colombia: Keystone to Latin America
23: American Democracy Vs. Global Empire
24: Ecuador's President Battles Big Oil
25: I Quit

Part IV: 1982 - Present
26: Ecuador: Presidential death - CIA Assassination?
27: Panama: Another Presidential death - CIA Assassination?
28: My Own Energy Company, Enron, and G. W. Bush

29: A New Breed of EHM
30: U.S. Invades Panama
31: Venezuela: Another EHM Failure
32: Ecuador Revisited
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December 29, 2004

please tell us if you suspect any cases of INTOLERABLE BRAND LEADERSHIP 

Prominent cardiologist criticizes drug ads
Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Washington -- The government should reassess its policy of allowing prescription drugs to be advertised directly to consumers, a prominent cardiologist urged Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The heart-attack risks of arthritis painkillers Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex have exposed a regulatory "house of cards" at the Food and Drug Administration, wrote Dr. Eric J. Topol, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

"Unbridled promotion exacerbated the public health problem," Topol concluded. "The combination of mass promotion of a medicine with an unknown and suspect safety profile cannot be tolerated in the future."

FDA officials have not publicly addressed the issue of whether high- powered advertising campaigns for newly approved drugs are in the best interest of public health.

chris macrae & associate networks holds our 12th semi-annual retreat in London on Friday January 21 at the Friends House, oposite Euston Station - mail if you want to drop in and join one of one hour cafe roundtables

Campaign & Special Issue Journal for Total Brand Corporate Responsibility
Kudos to Dr. Eric J. Topol. Prescription drug pushers are out of control.  
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Determined Detractor 

The hugely valuable role that determined detractors play in moving beyond-branding may not be clarified in the risk-lens way the New York times gives prominent coversage to this issue Thanks to Gary Ruskin for helping popularise this most democratic commercial alert
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December 26, 2004

One Year On 

What's your bets that one year on, all of us and all our organisations will be doing anything different because of Tsunami learning? And what's the mass media role in this? Does it cover the moment of fear for a week and then move on to covering the next fear-casting incident. Out of London and Britain, we will be watching the BBC in particular for something completely different...

Tsunami Breaking news
  • Recapping on only positives we can see so far: 1)The people of the world have woken up and are asking big politicians, big CEOs - what are you doing, and is this a warning that the world is falling apart in other ways; 2)there is an outside chance that this crisis will bring the warring sides in Sri Lanka together;3) there is just a possibility that vicious world trade policies as they impacted livelihoods of fishermen & other Tsunami sectors will be redrawn : A, B; 4) tell us if you get a sniff of anything optimistic stirring
  • 15 Jan05-open construction plea to 5000 members of the European Union knowledgeboard

  • 13 Jan 05 Adite's great idea- I'd like to teach the world to swim with perfect Tsunami - related links: 30000 projects & Million People Webs

  • Next Intercity Open Space: London: 21 January05 at Friends House (opposite Euston Station)
    Global Gravitational Identities League Table (updated 15 Jan)
    #1 Tsunami
    #2 World's largest retailer & The Governor of Shrimp

    #3 Ask American air carriers never to waste money on ad budgets again
    #4 Global pharma's addiction to ads may cost life of one of its players
    #5 Dow Chemical- the world's biggest loser of Bhopal

    Good News in Life of Brand
    Richard Branson's 3/4 million donation to women's causes and Sara B of SPANX

    LondonWorld Congress votes
  • SIMPOL most open humanitarian connecting network of year -related link: one-page debrief on the forgotten planet of half a billion women.

  • This coop- Most Inspiring NGO - sustains 200000 rural villagers in India by uniting all creeds and providing microfinance to the women of the family
  • ... For example why not devote one main news program monthly (and a parallel website for including all inspirational stories of heroic work being modestly done- the mother Thereses of the Tsunami aftermath) in perpetuity to what is being learnt and reconstructed from Tsunami or from all other global disaster incidents. That would be real future news (and world service) trustworthy of the British public, who have shown so far more leadership common sense than media or government (one week on)

    Let's hope that other networks like the Church of England will be monitoring the BBC too? The question to ask the BBC is : does your output compound faith, hope and love or the very opposite? On that answer your licence fee and public life depends in our opinion.

    come co-blog more at any of DisasterGate & future of bbc & Journalists for Humanity & university of stars
    & 100 intercity blogs.
    I am trying to fight the cynicism, but...  
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    December 25, 2004

    Dear Santa, could you stop wars, we would like that 

    Source 8 year olds survey (350 children), Be The Change (london 2004, 10 countries 2005). So beyond-branders -will you fill kids' stockings with any change the world ideas? 1
    Thank you.  
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    December 12, 2004

    global ad-led brand's final bust-up? 

    Emotional IntelligenceScooping Business Week. Followers of this blog will see that our questioning of the coca-cola brand has now become mainstream Gone Flat. Going, Going - will you get rid of the cost of billion dollar ad budgets in time (you invented the first global brand model without ads, you need to re-find it very fast)
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    Being fair to McDonalds 

    I still think Ray Kroc is rolling in his grave in how far this brand slipped from his identity, but I must own up I had an enjoyable experience- perhaps after a hi-conflict meeting I just needed to indulge in the joy of a McFlurry ice cream sundae, but I detected something else- may be you are using some flagship locations around the world to test out new stuff; multi-format testing is what a global frachise can do; ...may xmas spirit be with you in every different wat=y that the human race celebrates this time of the year
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    Brazil- Nominee as Greatest Giver to World of 2004-2006 

    I am very excited about how Brazil is turning round the way everyone values water, and potentially the ecology of everything. Perhaps because it is the most valuable flow connecting 6 billion people we don’t fully see that water is the number 1 brand of our lifestyles. Thanks Brazil for starting to tell this story, in a way that can build up for the world leaders' summit of 2006. Particular credits must also go to: 5500 Parishes of the Catholic Church for carring the story of 2004 Year of Water in the human way than no commercial media would.

    and in the most opposite kind of way that many American corporations try to tell water’s story

    Any questions

    PS great debate on other misunderstood universal intangibles emerging here
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    December 01, 2004

    Will the 100 Bn $ Merck Brand Survive? 

    This just in from our World Health Care Game

    CARD 1: Regulator Murk or Transparency
    This google connecting America's Federal Drug Authority , Pharma Manufacturer Merck and their withdrawn drug Vioxx is worth continuous monitoring.

    Vioxx has been withdrawn as unsafe after analysis by FDA employee David Graham showed this arthitis drug is associated with more cases of heart attach and stroke than other products such as celebrex or ibuprofen

    Merck's value has lost nearly 40% from 100 billion to 60 billion in the quarter end Sept to end November 2004. If the company is ever shown to have continued profiting from the drug after knowing of its defect, the company risks losing all as lawyers' cliams surround it.

    Its too early to call what the lessons are. But the FDA is criticising Graham for publishing his results too fast even though the abstract on his analysis submitted February 04 wasnt presented as a paper to Aug 04. The FDA's behaviour is an indication that it is trying to help Merck moderate its crisis and not simply looking after the health of the public. You may feel that in the absence of the resignation of the head of the FDA, other countries drug regulators should note that the FDA has conflicted interests and not assume that what the FDA passes is a green light the world's people can rely on. You may also wonder whether Drug companies 10 years ago might have had more staff continuously monitoring a drug's track record. We wholly accept that there is no clinical trial process that can guarantee that a drug has no long-term consequences ; and where patients are desperate for a cure, it is reasonable that they have access to experimental drugs as long as these are still being monitored and everyone's best judgements are used when undexpected data comes in.

    When brand transparency's day of reckoning comes- which sector's disrepute of marketing will be judged to have killed the most people?


    Petroleum is already talked about as the new tobacco. For at least a decade it has obfuscated about the inconvenientt truth of global warming when what the world's free markets needed was to innovate a new energy source - a clean one such as photosynthesis/solar which doctors of biology have assured me for 20 years is well within man's competence to develop. Bravo Gore for training 1000 people in Nasvile on how to network inconvenient truth slides www. Thank heavens too that Branson has stepped up to the plate with 3 billion $ to challenge global warming; in his hands we can expect 10 fold publicity for humanity's buck.

    P or P
    But the world's most disgraceful global market perfomance of the last decade may yet be a close race. Yesterday's Guardian spilt the beans on how disgraceful big pharma's marketing strategists have become. They ignore product solutions that only the poor like those millions killed by black fever need. Please note they have invented the solutions, patented them but decided there is no profitable market for them- so buried them an the millions who could have been saved if they had opened up knowledge and licence of the product. Pharma yoursecret is ot and a force (Gates Foundation) with more billions than you is ready to make sure 6 billion people know of your badwill. Your last chance to restore your reputaton is for all you big pharma'so come to the table and promise never to do this again.

    The message seems clear.Marketing societies should throw out all marketers to do with pharma and petrochemicals for bringing marketing into disrepute. When did either of you wholly care about life? (the number 1 customer need in every market I have ever researched)

    Pharma - Why not contact us at if you are willing to come to an off the record roundtable to debate how to resurrect your transparency; the alternative is to be exposed by world service public broadcasters as the last decade's careless merchants of black death  
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